Advanced Certificate in Construction Productivity


The BCA Contractors Registration System (CRS) requires B2 contractors to have at least one full-time employed Registrable Professional/Professional/Technical personnel (RP/P/T) to have either obtained the Advanced Certificate in Construction Productivity .

This specially tailored training course aims to equip project managers and construction managers with the practical knowledge to enhance productivity on their construction projects.

The course will be conducted over 5 Days. There will also be hands-on assignments for the participants to apply the knowledge learnt.


  • To equip the construction industry professionals with the latest construction productivity trends and technology in order to attain higher technical competencies and drive construction productivities in their respective companies.
  • To gain critical knowledge in the processes, management skills and understanding on the new construction technologies in construction productivity.


Day 1

  • Introduction to Construction Productivity
  • Buildability and Constructability
  • Project Productivity Management

Day 2

  • Cost and Value Management
  • Risk Management          

 Day 3

  • Contract and Procurement for Productivity
  • Quality  Management
  • Design  for Manufacturing   

Day 4          

  • Productivity Improvement Processes and Technology
  • Design  for Manufacturing and Assembly

Day 5 

Workshop Yayasan Project , cost and value management and risk management and quality management

*Holders of the Certificate in Construction Productivity Management .


  • Degree / Diploma / Equivalent qualification; OR
  • At least 3 years of working experience in the built environment or related fields with back ground as project manager /construction manager / consultant preferred

Please   submit  with this application form your CV or copy of qualification certificate, and copy of the Certificate in Construction Productivity Management, if applicable.

Target Audience

  • Construction Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Consultants