Certification Course in BIM Modelling (Architecture Track)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that involves the generation and management of the information about a facility. BIM allows for great integration and collaboration among different building professionals of various disciplines to explore digitally, and can be used throughout the entire building process from design stage through construction stage and even post construction building management.
Currently, majority of the building plans have to be submitted in BIM format for regulatory approval.

This 5-day Certification Course in BIM Modelling (Architecture track) aims to develop BIM capability and capacity in the industry so that firms could be ready for the full BIM implementation by 2015.

The objectives of this course are:
• To provide an understanding of BIM processes and benefits
• To equip participants the practical 3D BIM Architectural Modelling skills and technical knowledge to start and support a project using BIM.
• To enable participants to be familiar with the e–submission template guideline

• BIM fundamentals
• BIM Tool User Interface
• Modelling a project
- Mass Modelling
- Site Modelling
- Visualization
- Insert External files
- Modelling building elements
- Project documentation
• E-Submission project template
• Worksets and Worksharing
• DOL creation

• MS MARY ANN SAMANIEGO, Higher Associate, Centre for Construction IT, Building and Construction Authority
• MS ANGELA LEE, Principal Associate, Centre for Construction IT, Building and Construction Authority

Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC) will be awarded to participants who meet the attendance requirement and pass the required assessment.

Applicants for this BIM Modelling Certification Course should possess CAD drafting / modelling experience in building and construction project.


• Modellers
• Project Coordinators
• Designers
• Engineers
• Project Managers