About us

Innovation Arabic Center  for Training & Consulting is the most trusted training firm in Malaysia. Since 2006, we have been relied upon by our clients, private and public, to develop their human capital in a range of management and finance and technical fields.  Services offered by our professionals in the areas of : Management and leadership, Finance, Information Technology, Engineering - Oil and Gas, Customer Service, Procurement and logistic, Health Safety and Environment, Contract Management, Human Resource, Media and Public Relation in accordance with the international norms and procedures.

Innovation Arabic Center is committed to providing quality training and hence, our instructors & Consultants undergo rigorous selection process, to measure them against strict criteria, not only measuring their technical competence, but also their ability to deliver high quality training.

Innovation Arabic Center has passed through rigorous Quality Management Systems to become accredited with some of the world’s top accreditation bodies. We've always had a strong belief in the quality of our team and our service, which has kept us at the forefront of the training world.

Innovation Arabic Center is not limited to providing Training and Consulting, we also provide (Free of Charge) follow-up and feedback services, thus ensuring effective participation.


Our Mission

To provide professional and strategic consultancy and training services ,to be partner in developing excellence for new innovation generations


Our Vision

Know our customers and strive to utmost level of a trusted partnership.
Keep customer satisfaction To develop cutting edge training solutions that can be implemented at all levels within an organisation.

Lead the development of training and consultancy in the Malaysia and middle east through technology transfer.
Maintain a work environment that work ethics and teamwork


Our Strategic Objectives

1.Innovate continuously on all training course to ensure alignment with clients’ expectations is maintained.
2.strive to be a model organisation,honouring.
3.achieve a creditable reputation in the marketplace
4.strongly believe in Training Vision.
5.constantly improve ourselves and find unique ways to deliver our services.
6.proactively engage our customers and other stakeholders.
7.create an environment that fosters systematic growth of individuals in his or her life throughout the stay with the Company.
8.create an environment that produces unity of purpose, synergistic relationships and optimum results.

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Your Benefits

  • Harmonization of Financial Systems
  • Improvement of Planning Cycles
  • Optimization of Reporting
  • Topics Related to Finance Analytics
  • Business Analyst
  • Investment
  • Property
  • Human Resources